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SHR3D Stack: (15mg Ostarine– 15mg Cardarine – 10mg SR9009) 

Ostarine was designed to help patients combat the effects of muscle and bone wasting diseases. You can benefit from Ostarine whether you are trying to increase mass or reduce the amount of body fat. By taking Ostarine, you can preserve your muscle mass during a diet, while still losing fat. All that makes Osta is a practical tool which any athlete would find useful. Its protective properties are especially useful for guarding your joints and tendons, which are crucial to your physical fitness. Even more so, it appears to be a viable option for treating all kinds of injuries of the joints, tendons and bone tissue. 


Cardarine works by stimulating glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity with virtually no side effects. This means the body can use glucose as a primary fuel source and use the insulin more effectively as an important hormone for fat burning. The increase in glucose uptake boosts your energy levels so you can work at higher intensity for longer durations and decreasing recovery time. This allows you to strip your body of fat while keeping your hard-earned gains. Utilizing stored fat allows your body to store glucose for use as the primary energy source, allowing you to lift longer. 


SR9009 works in three main ways. Increases glucose metabolism: influences the metabolism of glucose in the liver. This results in more glucose being absorbed in the skeletal muscle instead of being stored as fat. Increases calorie metabolism: allows for the efficient metabolism of calories entering your body through food. This not only ensures that no fat is stored in your body but also helps reduce the amount of fat that is already stored in your body. Improves basal metabolic rate: has the ability to make your body respond as if it were in a state of constant exercise, increasing the basal metabolic rate. Even without engaging in any exercise, your metabolism will remain high while you are using the SR9009. 


8-12 Week cycle 

Liver support: Built Protect (best) or NAC (good) 

Post cycle: Built Recovery 

Weeks 1-12 

SHR3D- 1 pill am, 1 pill pm 

Liver support- 1 pill am, 1 pill pm 

Week 12-16 

Stop SHR3D 

Built Recovery -1 pill am, 1 pill pm 

Liver support- 1 pill am, 1 pill pm 

  • For 8 week cycle just make sure to follow week 12-16 instructions when you stop the SHR3D at week 8 


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