About Us

Set the bar high. HIGHER.

Northeast Nutrition is different than any other fitness store you’ve ever ventured into.  What sets us apart is our customer first focus. We’d much rather inform you about what supplements you need, and get you the ones that will actually help you; than sell you a ton of stuff that you either don’t need, or shouldn’t use in the first place.

What to Expect

When you come in our store, you’re family. Our staff is highly trained to know what each supplement we carry does. We know what you need regardless of what your goals or limitations are. 

We carry a plethora of different products that we can help you choose from. From Pre-workouts and BCAAs to Proteins and Weight loss products, we have the products to keep you covered. 

Just some of our top of the line products available:

Savage Supps

Magnitude Life Sciences

Nutrex Research

The Store