Hexadrone (50mg), Msten (5mg), M1A (25mg) 

Hexadrone is in the group of unmethylated prohormones. It provides significant muscle growth and increases strength enabling you to perform intense workouts. Unmethylated prohormones enable you to gain lean muscle mass without retaining water in your body. It provides a full hard muscle appearance and affects the achievement of a muscle pump due to the rapid swelling effect of muscle cells from glycogen storage. It is unmethylated and therefore has no undesirable side effects. Athletes recommend using the product due to the rapid increase in muscle mass, while maintaining strength and intensity of training. The use of hexadrone brings a stronger effect than the rest of the androgen substances available on the market. Although its effect is stronger, it does not affect the liver and has a lower level of toxicity. What’s more impressive is, it only slightly converts to DHT, which in turn inhibits side effects such as hair loss or acne. 

M-Sten is an active and orally-bioavailable DHT-derived compound that resists metabolic breakdown. As a result, M-Sten has a long-acting pharmacokinetic profile and exceptional potency. It does not aromatize into any estrogenic compound and has no affinity for the progesterone receptor, so estrogen and progesterone receptor mediated side effects are unlikely. M-Sten provides increases in mass, size, strength and muscle fullness. Gains can range from 15-20lbs in a very short cycle (3-4 weeks). Unlike superdrolM-Sten retains little to no water retention meaning you can bulk up without losing definition. M-Sten does not aromatize in any Estrogen. 

M1-A causes increased Lean Mass, Dense Muscle Gains, Strength Gains, No Estrogen Conversion. M1-A should make you gain about 10-20 lbs. under a very short cycle (3-4 weeks) with a very low dosage (20 to 60mg daily). Moreover, you should feel an extreme increase of strength. M1-A has shown some conversion to Methyl-1-Testosterone also known as M1T. This is because M1-A is a precursor to M1T. This is not proven and estimates of the actual conversion range from 15-20%. Regardless, M1-A is very powerful and the results have been very impressive. 




4-6 Week cycle 

Liver support: Built Protect (best) or NAC (good) 

Post cycle: Built Recovery + Innovapharm Test Rejuvenation(best) Built Recovery (good) 

Weeks 4-6 

HULK – 1 pill am, 1 pill pm 

Liver support- 1 pill am, 1 pill pm 

Week 6-10 

Stop HULK 

Built Recovery -1 pill am, 1 pill pm  

Innovapharm Test Rejuvination 3 caps am,3 caps pm 

Liver support- 1 pill am, 1 pill pm  

  • For 6 week cycle just make sure to follow week 6-10 instructions when you stop the HULK at week 4 


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