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Performance Series We designed 24HR Pump to be a revolutionary pump product that is like nothing else on the market. We did not put a basic vasodilation formula together like other products on the market. We used our patented 1-Lauroyl-Glycerol and TetraSorb Delivery to produce the most skin-splitting pumps! 24HR Pump enhances blood volume, increase glucose delivery & uptake and enhances cell hydration to promote muscle stamina and endurance, and users hold their pump all day!*


Monolaurin has been around for a long time but only used as an immune system boosting agent. It is naturally found in coconut milk and breast milk. 1-Lauroyl-Glycerol is a molecule composed of 1 part glycerol and 1 part lauric acid. 1-Lauroyl-Glycerol works is by increasing blood volume by water retention, utilizing the inherent hydrophilic property of glycerol’s, enhanced environmental temperature tolerance and the body temperature regulation by improved hydration status. Also, it is proposed in that it will help “hyperhydrate” the body by increasing biding water to increase blood volume levels. This also helps delay dehydration and expand muscle size when muscles are contracted during exercise.

Sodium Chloride:

Sodium Chloride, also known as salt, is an essential compound our body uses to: Absorb and transport nutrients, maintain blood pressure, maintain the right balance of fluid, transmit nerve signals, contract and relax muscles. Sodium is an electrolyte in the fluid outside and inside your cells. The balance between Sodium and Potassium particles contributes to how your cells maintain your body’s energy.

Potassium Chloride:

Potassium is the chief cation of bod cells. It is found in low concentration in plasma and extracellular fluids. Potassium Chloride is a very popular supplement among performance athletes to help aid with rehydration and proper glycogen uptake.

What to Expect:

Insane Pumps & Vascularity*

Exceed any plateau*

Increase in lean muscle tissue*

Increases in fat loss, and reduction in water retention*


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