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NOXygen® is a stimulant-free, unflavored supplement additive that will complement any pre workout or intra-workout beverage while supporting expanded strength, endurance and hydration. NOXygen® is stimulant and dye free, so add it into your daily regimen on non-training or cardio days as well. Your taste buds won’t realize it’s in there, but your muscles definitely will! NOXygen® truly is an “any exercise, anytime” performance accelerant.

  • Stimulant Free!

Add  1 scoop to your pre-workout 15-30 minutes prior to working out, or add to your intra-workout beverage for an added boost. NOXygen is naturally clumpy, but it will dissolve just fine!

Important Ingredients:

NO3-T® sodium nitrate & betaine nitrate- Our proprietary nitrate blend causes the greatest increases in nitric oxide levels we’ve ever seen. According to The University of Memphis, a 6-10x increase in nitric oxide can be experienced when using. No l-arginine or l-citrulline based product has ever come close to these levels!
*Nitric oxide is produced by the body, and it relaxes your veins (naturally lowering Bp) so your body can pump more oxygen and amino acids to working muscles. This leads to increased workout capacity and efficiency.

Hydromax Glycerol- Hydromax allows us to use the highest possible amount of glycerol in order to ultra-hydrate your muscles and protect them from injury. Combined with the increased blood flow into the muscles from NO3-T, Hydromax expands your muscle cell volume to the max.


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*NO3-T® is a registered trademark of Thermolife International, LLC.
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Customer Reviews

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Great Supplements

I recently started taking noxygen from puruslabs and fell in love instantly. One scoop gives me an insane pump that helps me crush my workout. I used my first container and decided to buy my 2nd from their online store and now I wont buy it anywhere else again. My package was delivered in 3 days and I they loaded me down with all kinds of “goodies” such as protein and pre-workout serving trials, a shaker cup, sunglasses, and stickers! All in all I give them 5 stars and will be buying their products again

Absolutely Amazing!

Purus is absolutely amazing in my opinion the best supplements on the market by far. I usually don’t like pre workouts because mess with my cardio and sometimes make me sick but condense makes me feel great and added with noxygen my energy and cardio went through the roof. Also the best tasting products I would honestly give this more stars if possible this product is great!!