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AboutTime All Natural Vegan Isolate Protein blend, Ve™ is uniquely formulated with plant based proteins for vegetarians, vegans, and those with whey allergies. Our dairy-free protein is also gluten & soy free, and created with the highest quality isolate proteins to have a delicious taste! Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, simply watching your carbs, or have dairy allergies, AboutTime Ve™ is the perfect protein supplement for you!  Consuming protein right after a workout is essential to allow your muscles repair and rebuild, and Ve™ helps you get your daily protein intake in order for your muscles to repair. The label says it all—we only use minimal ingredients and you can pronounce every last one of them. Created with the highest quality ingredients, Ve™ is a  unique plant-based protein blend formulated with peas, pumpkins, and brown rice to give you 22-24 grams of protein per serving. Our formula also provides healthy fats with infusions of coconut oil powder for healthy essential MTC fatty acids. Our all natural vegan protein supplement has zero-sugar, is sweetened with stevia, and includes a digestive enzyme blend for better digestion, and also includes essential branched chain amino acids. With our two delicious flavors, chocolate and vanilla, Ve™ also helps to fill your sweet-tooth craving without sacrificing taste! Ve™ vegan protein supplement can be used by anyone, and is a perfect vegan alternative to whey isolate proteins that allows you to increase the protein content of your meals, get your daily protein intake, or make meal replacement shakes.

When can I take AboutTime Ve™ Protein?  

Ve™ can be consumed directly after a workout to allow your muscles to repair and rebuild. This supplement can also be used as a meal replacement shake.  Add one level scoop of AboutTime Ve™ to 8 oz. of cold water, almond milk, coconut milk, or your favorite beverage. Shake and Enjoy.  Tip: Blend 1 scoop of Ve™ Vanilla with coconut milk, and a banana for a delicious post-workout snack!


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